Oklahoma Unemployment Appeal: How to Get a Second Chance

The Great Depression led to the development of the unemployment compensation program. The goal was to make certain that all working Americans had a safety net if they were suddenly without a job. There are times when a work conflict can lead to someone losing a job and being denied their unemployment benefits. Thankfully, the appeals process provides people with a second chance. Here is what everyone should know about filing an Oklahoma unemployment appeal.

Why Denials Happen

The denial of an unemployment claim is devastating to the family relying on these funds to meet their basic needs. There are several reasons why people receive a denial. The employee may have left the job willingly, the employer fired the employee for not adhering to company rules or the employee had not worked long enough to qualify for the benefits.

How Appeals Help

Employers are sometimes dishonest about their reason for letting the employee go. The employee may have left their work voluntarily, but it was due to unsafe working conditions or harassment on the worksite. Details in the original case may have been accidentally inaccurate and need to be corrected. An appeal allows for all of this type of information to be explained.

When to File

Always file for unemployment benefits as soon as the position is terminated. File appeals immediately after receiving a denial. This moves the case along quickly so that the benefits are received sooner. If the appeal is successful, the claimant will receive back pay from the date when they become unemployed. It is important to follow through with an appeal even if a new job is found before the final decision is made. The back payments for the time spent out of work are due to any employee deemed eligible for unemployment even if the decision comes through after they are employed again.

An appeals process allows the employee the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings and to get the compensation they deserve. It is important for everyone to use this opportunity to show any evidence that supports their claim. Pay attention to all paperwork relating to the original denial to understand how to defend the case more effectively.