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Tips on Flea Treatment on pets.

Fleas are a cause of discomfort for your pets and a risk to their health. It is very common for warmer climate area to have the flea problem all year long but colder seasons mainly experience the problem during summers. Flea treatment should be continuous even after clearing them fom your home because pets will always get fleas from the environment or by coming into contact with other animals. You can control and prevent flea infestation with the constant use of an effective flea treatment product like advecta 3.

You can properly deal with a flea infestation on your pet or home after understanding the lifecycle of a flea. Most of the modern flea treatment and prevention products have a difference in the part of the lifecycle they work on. The lifespan of an adult flea is several weeks in which it lays eggs on the pet’s bodies which may latter fall off into other areas inside the house or in the yard. The eggs later hatch into warm-like larvae that feed on organic matter in the environment. The larvae later grows to form a cocoon and pupate. The pupae are very resilient and can stay for a very long time in a cocoon as they wait for the favorable environmental condition or the availability of a host.

The best way of preventing and controlling flea infestation on your pet is by using flea treatment products such as shampoos, flea pills for dogs and cats and spot on treatments. It is wise to seek the advice of a veterinarian before choosing a flea treatment product for your pet because the different treatment products work differently. Some of the products are used once in a month while others can be effective for a longer time. Always use a flea treatment method that is safe to the pet and humans too because you will have to touch the pet regularly.

After treating the pets, you should continue to the carpets and pet beddings because of the eggs left behind. One can eliminate the pupae and larvae in the carpet and reduce the fleas by vacuuming the carpet regularly and immediately disposing the bag vacuuming. The fleas and larvae that remain too deep in the carpet can be killed with the use of a shampoo. These prevention methods work better because they prevent the continuation of a flea’s lifecycle.

It is also important to treat the outside environment where fleas are most likely to occur. You will most probably find fleas in warm and shady areas with a lot of organic debris. Products meant for outdoors use like Advecta yard can be sprayed on the spots that pets like to rest when outside.

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