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How to Buy the Best Flea Treatment for Your Pet

As the warm weather approaches, it also come along with fleas and ticks which means that your pet can be infested with them. Your pet is exposed to the danger of many issues related to flea infestation. You should, accordingly, plan how you will be managing your pet on a monthly basis to prevent it being infested with fleas. It is less expensive to prevent the infestation than to deal with the problems after outbreak. You, therefore, must know how to choose the best flea treatment of them all.

Where there are so many options of flea treatment, you may be confused which of them to choose. The following information will help to make that determination. If you want to maximize flea treatment, you have to understand first the four life cycle stages of the flea. They could be either in egg, larva pupa or as fleas. It is important to understand that what you see on the pet is just but a small population of what is present in the house.

There could be other fleas in different stages in carpet and other places in the house. When at pupa stage it covered by hard shell and it can remain inside for about five months but can also break forth immediately when it senses the presence of an animal. Vacant houses can come alive with fleas as soon as a pet is introduced to it. When you are choosing your flea treatment, you need one that can be able to kill the fleas in all the four stages.

As you make your choice, when you come across something written Insect Growth Regulator, know that it is one of those that can kill the fleas in any of the four stages. When you see anything written adulticide it means it kills adult fleas when they come into contact. There are some of the treatments that are used directly to the surface of the pet. Such application is absorbed by the skin and become part of the body oils. With time the body absorbs the drug and is distributed to the whole body.

If you are not fir the application treatment, you can decide on tablets that are also available in many stores. The tablets are quick and kill within twenty-four hours, but they are not long-term solution. The only good thing is that they act so fast. You can also think of using the dip which is also a preventive measure for it keeps the pet free from fleas for more than a month. However you should take care not to get the product in contact with the pet’s eyes or mouth.

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