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Sports Massage-The Special Considerations

As the name seems to suggest, a sports massage is a particular kind of a massage that has a key focus to sports men and players so as to help them improve their performance and endurance. On top of this, there is the fact that the sports massages are so designed so as to ensure that you extend your sports career is extended as far as is possible, a fact that is never there in the other kinds of massages. It is as well worth noting that the sports massages are as well less focused on relaxing the clients more where you are in for a pre game massage. Read on and see some of the marking features of the sports massages.

We will first of all take a look at the timing of the massages. It is often the case that a sports massage will be administered at four different stages and they are as the pre event massage, which will always take place shortly before a game and is mainly for the sake of tuning the athlete’s muscles for the strain of the game; post event sports massage which is often administered immediately after a sports event and its main aim is to restore the muscle tissue of the athlete; restorative sports massage which takes place during the training sessions to ensure that the training is effective and as well ensure that the risks of injury are as well reduced as much as is possible; and finally the rehabilitative massage therapy which is particularly designed to help the athlete or sports person recover from an injury. Each type is typical in its procedures as demanded by the massage type.

The next typical feature of the sports massages is the fact that they tend to focus on a particular set of muscles of the body unlike the regular massages which are a lot more general as to cover the entire body. The reason for this is due to the fact that as an athlete, you will be focusing your exertion on a specific set of muscles which means that you will stand at risk of suffering injuries on these muscles as compared to the other muscles. It is as such quite important to target in a restorative sports massage therapy which is often used to help recovery from injury.

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