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The Facts about Vacuum Metalizing as a Cost Effective and Eco Friendly Alternative to Electroplating

Like it has been hinted above in the above title, if you are looking forward to coating and are thinking if an alternative that will prove to be friendly to the environment and as well quite cost effective in the end, then it may suffice to say that your search will come to an end when you get to the vacuum metalizing as an alternative In your wish list. As a fact, chrome plating and coating will certainly have their benefits to you in the quality of the products so coated and these will as well be quite durable bit its only shortcoming is the fact that it will be a lot more expensive for you and as well will be bearing a toll on the environmental blueprint of course. Looking at the use of the chrome plating and coating, you will have an acid used which is a carcinogen as it involves the use of cyanide which has some effects of course. The alternative that will indeed prove to be quite cost effective for your coating needs and will all the same prove t be a lot safe and friendly to the environment as well. Interestingly enough even with the vacuum metalizing, there are a number of the metalizing equipment which will be used so as to get the end product as well shine as if they were done of chrome after the coat has been applied.

Vacuum metalizing can actually be employed in a wide range of industries right from the automotive, aeronautical, telecom and as well a number of the electrical components as the safest and most cost effective of the coating solutions for the products in these industries. The following is a highlight of the concerns that many will have in so far as the quality and durability of the vacuum metalizing as a coating alternative may have on the quality of the products that will be worked on by it.

The first fact you need to note about the vacuum metalizing as a coating solution is that it is a procedure that was developed several years back and with the passage of time, it has actually seen a number of developments in its applications as a matter of fact. In the initial stages of the development of the procedure, it was meant for the coating of the interior parts of the cars such as the armrests, dashboards and lights. In reality there are a number of developments that have been witnessed over the period of time and as such a number of the effects such as erosion and vulnerability to scratches a thing that will be generally not witnessed.

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