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Why You Should Consider Fuel Polishing Processes

Just like car owners, executives who are in-charge of industrial operations ought to know the importance of fuel testing and fuel analysis. In order to keep the cleanliness of the fuel and keep the facility operations running smoothly, they should consider doing a fuel polishing process on their engines and generators. If problems are arising from the fuel filtration system, engines will not work.As such, fuel filtration is one of the ways of keeping these mechanical systems functional and ensuring that their lifecycle is extended.In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of performing a fuel cleaning process.

The principal goal of performing fuel polishing process at your facility is to prevent the stored fuel from degradation with time.The stored fuel needs to be frequently maintained as bacterial, and sludge buildup could pollute it making it unusable.While actions such as checking and keeping the fuel pump clean could be taken; fuel polishing is one of the leading processes that make the stored fuel durable.

Fuel polishing optimizes the quality of fuel by removing impurities such as water and sludge. Should the fuel be contaminated with such contaminants, it can bring problems like power loss, emission, and combustion issues as well as injector failure inside the mechanical system among others.
Some of the contaminants taken out of the fuel during fuel polishing include solid substances as they accumulate in the stored fuel in the holding tank.

If you are going to do a fuel polishing process in your entity, it is advisable that you first understand how the procedure is done.Normally, the fuel polishing process starts by removing all the impurities that could alter the injector causing to be faulty. Afterwards the stored fuel is made stable by the fuel conditioner in the holding tank.The last step involves placing a water slab fine filter that will remove any emulsified water or solids from the fuel.

Apart from the advantages of fuel polishing mentioned above, the other reason why you need fuel polishing is that it prevents malfunctions of the engines or generators. Failure to do a fuel polishing process, your automatic system is likely to have a breakdown and its parts are going to experience premature attrition.

With fuel cleaning, your facility operations will be smooth as your upkeep expenses will be slashed down and your engines and generators will last long. According to the research that was done by some scientists, it is true that 70% of all engine failures occur as a result of faulty fuels that could not have happened if a fuel polishing process was done in the first place.

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