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Why You Need to Invest in Non-Toxic Gel Mattresses

When you are planning to invest in a mattress, the need to be very specific and detailed throughout is vital. Over the years, there are quite a number of mattresses you could find and it is just possible for you to find a number of these that actually are likely to put your health at risk in the long run.

In a sense, the mattresses you could find in the market are advertised in a way that people will be attracted to buying the mattress. You will most certainly find that mattress manufacturers basically are not required to disclose every single component or material their mattresses are made out of. Nonetheless, settling with the tradition mattress puts a lot of women’s health, and infants, at risk.

Mattresses that basically are made prior 2004 are likely to contain chemicals that are harmful and among these chemicals include PBDE or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. In a sense, you could find and see that these have a direct effect in a man’s sperm count in the long run, and even cause birth defects for an unborn child. You will most certainly see that as per studies, these are a candidate for risking hearing disorders and even mood changes.

Not only that but as the years gone by, more negative effects were discovered. With that, the development of new approaches to have this matter addressed is being put on the tables, which led to the development of non-toxic gel mattresses. With it being that they are organic and that they are using natural ingredients is what made them preferred as opposed to mattresses that are covered in chemicals.

They basically use organic materials and are untreated to maintain its safety. You will most certainly find and see that they just don’t keep mold and mildew development from happening but they also are designed to repel water. This means that they are safer as opposed to polyurethane foam. The composition of these non-toxic gel mattresses basically are designed to be safe and organic, where its cotton are grown organically in a pesticide-free soil, as well as contain latex that are from rubber trees.

You will most certainly find and see that they are not just made to be durable but also are made from quality materials, making them superior in cushioning. If you have a newborn and you want to make sure they are safe, then Intellibed mattresses will be a great find as they are made without any foam. If you want to guarantee and secure that you are providing the best and safest mattress for your child, then these non-toxic gel mattresses are a smart choice to make, especially since they are fire-resistant at the same time.

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