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Chartering a Helicopter for Business: How Much Does It Cost?

In you’re planning to charter a helicopter for business, the first question that pops into your mind is probably how much the cost will be. And as you may expect, there are many factors that will affect the answer.

Charges will also differ according to the charter company, although most of them charge only for flight time, meaning no waiting charges. However, your final costs will be determined by the following:

Single or Twin-Engine

First and foremost, would you like a single-engine or a twin-engine helicopter?

If it’s going to be a quick trip, such as an airport transfer, a single-engine helicopter, which is cheaper, may do. If you need a helicopter for a corporate, VIP or night trip, you should go for a twin-engine helicopter, with its faster speed, greater stability (can fly in difficult weather situations) and roomier interior space.

Origin and Destination Points

Your departure and destination points obviously dictate how long the flight will be, and thus how much you have to pay for flight time. To estimate how long you’ll be flying per way, the distance is typically divided by the average en route flight speed. The quotient is then multiplied by the helicopter’s hourly rate, and the product will be your flying cost. Take note that other charges associated with your flight will be added to that, such as landing fees, overnight charges, and so on.

Number of Passengers

The passenger count will determine the appropriate helicopter size, and of course, bigger means more expensive. Know that larger helicopters are less in supply compared to smaller ones, so for a large group of passengers and depending on availability, two or more helicopters may be necessary.

Fuel and Fueling Stops

Since helicopters are sensitive to weight, more passengers typically means that less fuel can be accommodated at a time. Refueling may be necessary at least once before you get to your destination, and naturally, there will be an additional cost.

One-Way, Overnight Return or Day Return

While you probably won’t pay half a day return rate for a one-way trip, this will generally affect the final quotation in a big way.

Desired Flight Dates

The date on which you intend to fly may also affect your costs, considering that other events or tasks may be lined up for the helicopter fleet or the pilot. For instance, a pilot’s duty hours will be taken into account, as well as whether there will be landing site extension fees. Additionally, you may also decide if you want to have two pilots on board for safety. Of course, having more than one pilot will incur extra charges.

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